July 2019

4th – Happy Independence Day!
6th – Prayer Meeting 7am
13th – Ladies Meeting: Sunrise at the beach 6am
15th – Men’s Meeting 6:30pm
20th – Beach Baptisms and Church Family Picnic
27th – Couples Meeting 6:30pm

August 2019

3rd – Prayer Meeting 7am
4th – Christmas Choir Kick Off 5pm
10th – Community Outreach Training
12th – Men’s Meeting 6:30pm
17th – Ladies Meeting with special speaker, Helen Carrillo 6:30pm
24th – Couples Meeting 6:30pm

September 2019

7th – Prayer Meeting 7am
14th – Ladies Meeting: Movie Night at Ana’s house 6:30pm
15th – Back to Church Sunday
16th – Men’s Meeting 6:30pm
19th – First day of school
21st – Couples Meeting 6:30pm